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Avast Premier License File + Activation Code 2018 [Fully Activated]

avast license file

Avast Premier License File is the premium license key file of Avast to activate the pro features. As Avast Premier provides you with a large number of facilities. It is actually an antivirus. This secures you from probably all type of viruses. It provides you with a number of different types of scans that ensures security according to your wish. It is capable of scanning every single folder of your system. After scanning it will provide your description of that specific folder/file that is not secured from the virus. It also secures you against malicious software. After scanning your computer it will point that software that is not good for the system. That harms your computer in many ways like consistently injecting the virus on your computer.

Some malicious software is not only injecting viruses but harms you in many ways. One of the most dangerous effects is that they might provide your personal data to their server. A number of malicious software takes your permission during installation to get control of your computer. This type of software gets control of your system. As they monitor you through your cameras. It secures you by stopping them to access your system’s resources. Avast provides disconnections with specific software with their servers. It warns you when you install a specific program. If you have already installed a program that harms your system, then it will delete it when you install Avast Premier in your system.

Avast Premier is extremely easy to use. Click on the icon of Avast Premier and select your option. It provides a variety of options to select. In these options shields and type of different scans included. Each option delivers its brilliant quality by securing you. It secured you in many ways.

Avast Premier 2018 Activation Code With License Key

Avast Premier is very easy-to-use software that secures you very easily. It provides you with a number of different scans that secures you in different ways. Avast Premier facilitates you with five different scans and all of them are fabulous in their area. The first scan is “Smart Scan”; it is a comprehensive scan that covers the area of malware detection and outdated software. It will also deal with poor reputational add-ons and all type threats.

It will also provide you “Full Virus Scan”; it is a deep scan that scans your hard drive too. Avast Premier also provides “Target Scan”, as the name describes it is targeted scan. This scan ensures that specific software is completely secured. The most powerful scan of Avast is “Boot Time Scan”. It scans your computer deeply and does their work when the system is getting on. At that time no malware is started to protect any virus and remove the hidden viruses and malware. The last one is named as “custom scan” that scans only that area which you ordered.

Instead of scans, it will also provide a number of different shields which are named as “web-cam shield”, “Sensitive Data shield”, “Ransomware Shield”. Web-Cam shield makes you secure by making your camera secure means not allowing accessing anyone. Instead of those you want to allow.  Avast Premier also provides you with cloud-based protection. Now the question is that what is cloud-based protection? So the answer to this it is a feature of Avast that updates your applications automatically and avoids all type of threats during updating in no time. It also shreds your password and data too. It also blocks your webcam for the malicious type of software during web surfing.

One of the main features of Avast is Software Updater that makes sure software is following the latest security parameters. This thing is done by allowing update software regularly.

Premier Features

Avast Premier provides you security and many features that ensure your task to be performed in a perfect way and manner. Usually, all features of Avast are exceptional but a few ones are an example of themselves. The following features are given below:

  • Cloud-based Protection
  • Webcam Shield
  • Avast makes your important files more secure by encrypting them
  • Software Updater
  • Data shredder
  • Browser Cleanup
  • Intelligent Virus Scan
  • Quick Scan
  • It also ensures your security against spamming through AntiSpam.
  • Interactive User Interface

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Avast Premier License file




What’s New in Avast Premier 2018?

One of the reasons that Avast Premier stand alone to their facilities is its regular operation. The major new ones are described below:

  • The most effective update is “Ransomware Shield”
  • The second update allows you to do your work without any interruption by using “Do Not Disturb Mode”.
  • Sensitive Data Shield
  • Web Cam Shield
  • Provide security during connection

Avast Premier provides some new features which are quite impressive and do their work with high security. Ransomware shield protects you against any malicious software to access your data and takes advantage of it. Sensitive data shield encrypted your all data after deletion or for others. Webcam allows only those applications access to the camera which you ordered.

Pros and Cons of Avast Premier license file


Along with all of its features, it provides a large number of pros. That will help you in many ways; the dominant ones are the following:

  1. Easy to use and manage
  2. Protects you from ransomware and avoid all this type of problem
  3. Protects your data while using any malicious website during web surfing
  4. Automatically deletes or deals with software which harms you in any way
  5. Avoid disturbance by using ‘Do not disturb mode’
  6. Scanning speed makes sure to not to waste your time
  7. Makes you secure from any spyware applications
  8. Scans your complete system including your hard disk to avoid any problem
  9. Most cost-effective way to secure you.
  10. Makes you updated by using its “Software Updater” mode


As we know not all software is completed and has some problems remain there. It provides you with a lot of features some specific area still ignore. They are described below:

  1. This antivirus provides a lot of features. Not all of them work properly
  2. Avast secures us from ransomware. But it doesn’t provide any protection against phishing
  3. It all scanning’s is not taking the same time. The major ones did their work within a large span of time
  4. Its cost is greater than to its pros
  5. Avast deletes the infected file, even it is very crucial for you if it is injected with the virus.
  6. It consistently updates your software. That thing is quite costly in accordance with the memory
  7. Avast Premier’s “Quick Scan” scans system very fast but it didn’t make the system much secure. The major scanner takes a lot of time to secure you.

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